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Jarana dance

2018 “Stand Tall in the Face of Hatred: An Interview with a Youth Activist in the Immigrant Rights Movement.” In Lauren Heidbrink, Whitney Duncan, and Kristin Yarris (Eds.), Anthropologists Engage (Im)migration. Special Issue, Cultural Anthropology, Hotspots. [Editor reviewed].

n.d. “Illusions of Return: Migrant Imaginaries of Mobility, Place, and Home in the Maya Diaspora.” (Under revision, Anthropological Quarterly)

2017 “Reclaiming Tangible Heritage: Cultural Aesthetics, Materiality, and Ethnic Belonging in the Maya Diaspora.” Journal of Latin American and Caribbean Anthropology 23(1): 113-130.

2016 “The Specter of Surveillance: Navigating ‘Illegality’ and Indigeneity among Maya Migrants in the San Francisco Bay Area.” Political and Legal Anthropology Review 39(1): 79-94.

Book manuscript (in preparation):  Belonging Out of Place: Navigating ‘Illegality’ and Indigeneity in the Maya Diaspora.